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It's been almost 2 months and my confidence in my ability to reach the people I'm supposed to reach is growing and growing. I'm being consistent and am more focused on my goals. I'm being 'Intentional' with doing the work so I can get to the end and know that I'm doing what I've been called to do!!
Thank you Andrea for your expertise and all the information and support that you're providing me. When I Win, You Win!!!

Speaker, Author, and Nonprofit Founder

For a while, I had been searching for ways to effectively build my business online and attract new clients. It felt horrible searching for a solution as there are so many "so called experts" who will take your money but not have a valid solution to attracting new clients online.
I have loved how organized the program is and the calls we receive. I got so much from the conversations we've had and have begun to implement so much into my business. It has been an eye opening experience for sure.
Her program is amazing. She really cares about her clients and works hard to assist you with developing a strategy for your business using YouTube! Sign up with her! You will be happy that you did!

Real Estate Agent

Before working together, I had no direction for my boutique and my YouTube channel. I also needed support with helping me overcome mindset hurdles and wanted to feel a sense of support from someone who has been where I am. Now, I am able to make confident decisions in a timely manner and I am able to create content for the people I am targeting to increase sales!

Stephanie |
Boutique owner
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